Zvonimir Bajević član EBU Jazz Orchestra

Zvonimir Bajević član EBU Jazz Orchestra
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Zvonimir Bajević
Swinging Europe and the EBU present
The European Jazz Orchestra

Contact for tour management & PR: 
Ib Jensen, +45 2511 5464, ibi@jensen.mail.dk 

Artistic Director: Erik Moseholm, Financial Director: Birgit Vinge, EBU Jazz Coordinator: Daniel Vachon

Swinging Europe and the European Broadcasting Union
present the 2009 EJO

April 18th – May 7th 2009

The legendary big band leader Peter Herbolzheimer fronts the 2009 European Jazz Orchestra (EJO). The audience can expect an excellent musical and visual performance of delicate Latin- and Balkan-inspired jazz. Listeners will also have the chance to enjoy sovereign jazz standards performed by the 21-piece big band with two lovely singers out front. The Romanian-born jazz legend Peter Herbolzheimer has enriched the world with high-quality jazz since the 1960s, when he formed the orchestra Rhythm Combination & Brass in Germany. In this band he expanded musical borders by giving equal focus to the rhythm and brass sections - both in numbers and in quality. 

Among composers and arrangers he remains to this day one of the most original and definitive figures for jazz- rock music and its transposition for big band. In the '80s he formed the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Germany - the BuJazzO. As head of this renowned big band, he has had a major impact on German and European musicians. He has also been commissioned to compose for and work with almost all the radio big bands in Europe. Peter Herbolzheimer has worked with many good musicians, among others NHØP, Bo Stief, Alex Riel, Allan Botschinsky, Palle Mikkelborg, Andrej Wroblewski, Jan Konopasek, Jirzy Mraz, Wolfgang Dauner, Heinz von Hermann, Janczy Körössy, Milcho Leviev, Joe Zawinul, Stan Getz, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan and Dianne Reeves. 

The EJO consists this year of 21 professional musicians, all selected by the Jazz Producers' Group of the European Broadcasting Union from all over Europe and in Canada. Enjoy an evening with tons of multinational energy and no musical boundaries.

“What the world needs now is more swinging and less skirmishing; long live Swinging Europe and the EJO!” - Jack Bowers; allaboutjazz.com

Contact for tour management & PR: 
Ib Jensen, +45 2511 5464, ibi@jensen.mail.dk 

Artistic Director: Erik Moseholm, Financial Director: Birgit Vinge, EBU Jazz Coordinator: Daniel Vachon 

Tour 2009 
(Subject to change)

Conductor   Peter Herbolzheimer, Germany/Romania

Lead trumpet   Jacek Onuszkiewicz, Sweden
Lead trumpet  Jürgen Martl, Austria
Trumpet   Neyko Bodurov, Bulgaria
Trumpet   Tobias Wiklund, Denmark
Trumpet   Zvonimir Bajević, Croatia
Lead alto saxophone  Lovro Ravbar, Slovenia
Alto saxophone  Manuel Gesseney, Switzerland
Lead tenor saxophone  Alexandru Simu, Romania
Tenor saxophone   Frederick Menzies, Denmark
Barytone saxophone  Andre Roligheten, Norway
Lead trombone   Jan Jirucha, Czech Republic
Trombone   Patrick Kenny, Great Britain
Trombone   Bastien Ballaz, France
Bass trombone   André Jensen, Denmark
Guitar    Max Frankl, Germany
Piano   Kristjan Randalu, Estonia
Bass    Brandi Disterheft, Canada
Drums    Hanne Pulli, Finland
Percussion  Farouk Gomati, Germany
Vocals   Maaike den Dunnen, The Netherlands
Vocals    Marina Satti, Greece

Tour plan
Wed. April 22nd    Pre debut at RemisenBrande, Brande, Denmark
Thur. April 23rd    Fermaten, Herning, Denmark 
Fri. April 24th    The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Szczecin, Poland
Sat. April 25th   Reduta Jazz Club, Prague, Czech Rep. 
Sun. April 26th    The Opera Theatre House, Pilsen, Czech Rep. 
Mon. April 27th    Jazzclub Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany 
Tues. April 28th    Posthof, Linz, Austria 
Thur. April 30th    Main Square, Kosice, Slovakia
Fri May 1st    Tiszaliget park, Szolnok, Hungary 
Sun. May 3rd    Casa de Cultură a Studenţilor, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Tues. May 5th    The Profitable House, Ruse, Bulgaria 
Wed. May 6th  Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest, Romania
Thu. May 7th    Mihail Jora Radio Concert Hall, Romania

Every year in April/May the Danish-based organization Swinging Europe puts together a European jazz big band tour under the name of the European Jazz Orchestra - EJO. Each year a new conductor, new compositions and a new line-up of handpicked musicians, aged 18-30 - headhunted by the partner organization, the EBU Jazz Producers' Group - go on new adventures, following new itineraries. Since the start of the EJO in 1998, 226 European musicians have participated and 175 concerts have been arranged in 33 countries in Europe, North and South America and in Asia. In 2005 the EJO merged with the EBU Big Band, established in 1965 by the network of public broadcasters with Members and partners all over the world. The EBU Big Band has had a huge impact on the global jazz scene, presenting a wide range of renowned jazz personalities at various concert halls, clubs and festivals all over Europe. The impact of the EBU Big Band has been boosted by an enormous quantity of radio and TV transmissions reaching millions of listeners and viewers.  The European Jazz Orchestra is supported by the EU. For further information, please visit: www.ebu.ch/en/radio/euroradio_classics/jazz_prod/index.php and www.swinging-europe.dk

Following big band leaders have fronted EJO: Pierre Dørge (Denmark) 1998, Francois Théberge (France) 1999, Helge Albin (Sweden) 2000, Benjamin Herman (The Netherlands) 2001, Django Bates (UK) 2002, Bruno Tomasso (Italy) 2003, Pedro Moreira (Portugal) 2004, Vic Vogel (Canada) 2005, Barrie Forgie (UK) 2006, Lars Møller (Denmark) 2007 and Niels Klein (Germany) 2008
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