Natječaj za mlade jazz pjevače

Natječaj za mlade jazz pjevače
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The contest for jazz vocalists - "Riga Jazz Stage 2013" will be held in Riga, Latvia from April 24th till April 26th, 2013.

"Riga Jazz Stage" is an international competition that will provide the opportunity for young talents in the world of jazz music to prove themselves, gain visibility and stage experience, as well as to present themselves on the international stage.

Jazz singers are invited to apply for the nomination "Vocal Jazz" from 15th January till 15th February, 2013.

The competition will take place in two rounds. In the first round the jury will select finalists after evaluating the submitted demo materials. The contest winners will be announced at the Final concert on April 26th, 2013.

"Riga Jazz Stage" jazz vocalists will be able to not only perform for wide audience, but also to gain international recognition. That will be provided by a prize fund of cash amounts to 2200 EUR, and the winners will be able to perform at various international music festivals.

International recognition will be provided also by the jury, which will consist of professional musicians, music producers and festival directors from all over the world.

The material submission time is from January 15th until February 15th 2013.

For full contest regulations and the entry form, go to HYPERLINK ""

The competition is organized by the non profit organization "Contemporary Music Center" in cooperation with "Rigas Ritmi Festival".




1. Eligibility
1.1. Jazz artist competition „RIGA JAZZ STAGE 2013" is open to vocalists born on or after 25th April, 1983.

2. Admission
2.1. In the first round jury based on submitted demo materials chooses finalists for participation in the final competition
2.1.1. Decision of jury will be announced to each participant of the competition personally till the 1st March, 2013;
2.2. In the second round each participant who after draft is invited to the Final in Riga , in competition performs two songs/compositions.
2.2. Jury announces the winners in Gala concert on 26th April, 2013.

3. The application process
3.1. In order to apply applicants must:
3.1.1. register for the competition at the contest website HYPERLINK ""
3.1.2. pay a membership fee
3.1.3. register till 15th February, 2013
3.2. Application requires:
3.2.1. participant's biography (100-200 words);
3.2.2. three high-quality photos suitable for publication (JPG, 3000dpi);
3.2.3. three good quality audio recording (mp3 format). Applicants repertoire should include compositions in the following styles: - jazz standard, ballad and free choice (Applicants are free to choose modern styles of music such as beatbox, rap or pop). Each piece must state the name and author.
3.2.4.payment order of membership fee
3.2.5.passport copy
3.2.6. applicants (those who have) are recommended to also send feedback to musical activities in the media, such as press releases, reviews of concerts given, recordings released, etc.
3.3. If required visas, please contact the nearest Latvian Embassy or council.

4. Entry fee
4.1. All applicants of competition have to pay an entry fee 80,- EUR;
4.2. Entry fee is payable to Foundation "Mūsdienu mūzikas centrs " with the message "Riga Jazz Stage 2013"
4.3. The payment of bank charges and commission is the responsibility of the applicant.
4.4. Receiver: Fonds Mūsdienu mūzikas centrs
Registration number: LV 40008018388
Bank: A/S ‘'SEB'' bank
Bank account number: LV96 UNLA 0002500700302
Bank code: UNLALV2X
4.5. Entry fee of 80,- EUR is non-refundable.

5. Prizes
5.1. The prize winners will receive cash awards:
1st 1000 EUR
2nd 700 EUR
3rd 500 EUR
5.2. Audience sympathy prize
5.3. Each prize winner must receive his award personally.

6. Jury
6.1. The international jury of the competition will consist of musicians, music producers and festival directors.
6.2. All jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

7. Rules and duties of the competitors
7.1. Competitors have to prepare good quality sheet music for the band and they must be ready to send it to the organizers of the competition upon request.
7.2. To be on time for rehearsals and concerts.
7.3. The use of any intoxicating stuff during the competition is strictly prohibited.
7.4. During the development of Riga Jazz Stage Competition, contestants are not allowed to perform in any other spaces except for those of this competition.
7.5. In case contestants break the rules organizers are entitled to exclude them from the competition and/or set fine.

8. Finalists will be provided with:
8.1. rehearsal rooms.
8.2. accompanying band (piano, sax, bass, drums)
8.3. two rehearsals with the band.
8.4. accommodations and meals during the competition from April 24th till April 27th, 2013 - hotel check-out on 27th April until 12:00 (transport costs to and from Riga are paid by the competitors).

9. Competition organizers rights
9.1. The organizers of the Competition have rights to:
9.1.1. film, tape-record, broadcast or photograph the competitors for media;
9.1.2. produce documentary or other information materials about competition;
9.1.3. produce and distribute recordings of the Competition, either in whole or in part, including any Prizewinners concerts immediately following the Competition;
9.1.4. competitors are expected to make themselves available for media interviews and performances during the Competition.

10. The cancellation of "Riga Jazz Stage"
10.1. if the competition is canceled due to the fault of organizers, the paid entry fee will be returned to the contestants.
10.1.1. if the competition is canceled due to conditions that are outside of organizers control demand ,entry fee will not be returned to the contestants.
10.1.2. Please note that the "Riga Jazz Stage" can not be responsible for any costs incurred due to the cancellation.

11. Regulations explaining disagreements
In case of disagreement of any "Riga Jazz Stage 2013" competition regulations paragraph and other relevant regulations, the decisions of the organizers and the Jury are final and not subject to any appeal.


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